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  • Perfect look for my forest walks.


    Hi guys,

    Hope you are all keeping safe during these scary times.

    I’ve been making the most of quarantine and looking at the positive side to it all.

    I’ve been spending quality time with my husband as I don’t normally get to do because of his work, so that been amazing.

    We have been trying to keep fit whilst going for our 1 hour walks every day. 

    These Khaki Green Cargo Slim Fit Trousers from @femmeluxefinery have been perfect for my long forest walks. Check out the link here and in my wardrobe

    When we get back from our walks we do a home workout hit and yoga session. So, we spend two hours of our day on exercise which is brilliant.

    After that I read and reply to emails so it sets me up for the day nicely to concentrate on work.

    We cook together three times a day which is great, we are both learning how to cook better home-made meals which we are really enjoying.

    We always end our day with a film in bed and maybe a glass of wine ha-ha.

    How have you been coping? I’d love to hear from you.

    Lost of love

    Ayshen Webbe x

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