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  • The struggles with my skin  


    This is an area I’ve struggled with most of my life. So, I thought it would be important to cover it on a blog. I want my blogs to be based on real life issues that I have personally experienced, not fabricated stories that I think you all want to hear about. I want to help others where I can and to try to give advice, I once had zero confidence in.  

    I would say my skin was worse in my early twenties, this was because I didn’t take care of my skin, the way I do now. I didn’t know how to. I feel like I had less pressure when I was younger, believe it or not. I was in an industry with teenagers and girls that were much younger than me, so I had to ensure my skin looked young. I tried so many different products and all the make up I was wearing for events and gigs, made me struggle more with my outbreaks.

    The pressure to look good has only heightened in the past decade, due to the majority of us using social media. It’s hard not to look at the girls on fashion sites, they all look so beautiful with flawless skin. They almost paint a picture of perfection for some of us. Filter upon filter is used on the pictures now, which we are all guilty of doing. The truth is, no one has perfect skin, but social media makes us believe otherwise.  

     I’m in my late thirties now and if I still feel the pressure at times, then I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a teenager nowadays. It’s worrying that young girls are trying to look perfect. What is perfect? The girls we see on all these fashion sites or bloggers? Are they perfect because we are led to believe they are? I often scroll through pictures on my Instagram and wonder: should I be changing my beauty products I use on my face, do I need to buy more makeup products, Is cosmetic surgery the root for me? I have never been into cosmetic surgery and when I had major weight issues, having work done would have been an easy option, however I didn’t do it. Not because I think it is morally wrong, I know many people who have regular work done, it’s probably more to do with the fear of surgery or needles stuck into my face.  

    We all have different skin types. I have oily t-zones and the other areas are drier, so it can get confusing when trying to find the right products that suits my skin. Even then you have to give the products time; nothing works overnight.  

    I am in my late thirties and I have never had anyone guess my age correctly, I am always told I look much younger. It’s a massive compliment, however, I do believe I have invested in my skin by buying the right products and having a strict routine and it might even have something to do with my good Turkish genes haha!


    I have been using Environ products for the last two years and I can honestly say its worked for me. I’ve been lacking Vitamin A in my skin for years and these products give me just that. I’ve had no major breakouts and my skin looks and feels so much healthier. I also have the Environ facials once a month.

    I’ve listed the products I use below.

    For more information contact Environ Skin Care or find your local Environ Stockist.


    What works for me 

    I’m not sure I have the correct answer. Like most people I’ve struggled to find the right products over the years, to use on my face. For me, it’s been a huge challenge.

    I now understand my skin and what it needs. I understand that I will never have perfect skin and that’s ok.

    Tips on what I do to help keep my skin looking young! 


    1. Water, fruit & veg

    Good old fashion water. It’s one of the easiest solutions, keeping the skin hydrated. I drink two litres of water a day. I’ve also noticed that when I eat my three fruit and vegetables a day, my skin clears and glows. 


    1. Let your skin breath

    I try not to wear makeup twice a week for my skin to breathe. This has worked for me. I wear makeup most days to work but very minimal now. If I have somewhere to go, then of course I’ll have a full face of makeup on, but if I don’t need to wear makeup, I won’t. I was always afraid to do this. I would never leave the house without makeup. I just felt so self-conscious, I just hated my skin and the thought of anyone seeing me without makeup made me nervous. My confidence has improved. I can now leave the house without makeup and just feel comfortable without the fear of being judged or bumping into someone I know.   


    1. Clean your face

    It’s embarrassing to admit but I spend more time cleaning my face now than I ever have. I’ve always tried to use good products over the years whilst trying to find the right one to stick with, but I never did stay with one product for too long. My skin care routine to clean, tone and moisturise my face is now part of life. My products all pile up, eye makeup remove, face wash, toner, moisturiser eye cream, exfoliation, mask, clay, oil I mean the list goes on. Also, I cannot stress how important it is to not go bed with make up on. If the pillow case is full of makeup, it will pick up bacteria and you could be lying down in this for hours. Yuk!


    1. Exfoliation

    I don’t exfoliate that often, as I have sensitive skin. I would say I do it at least once a month. Everyone has a different view on how often you should exfoliate, however, for me I know that if I do it more often it doesn’t agree with my skin. You have to work out what works for you and stick to it. 

    Everyone’s skin is different, so don’t be afraid to try new things to find out what suits your skin. 


    1. Lips 

    Let’s face it we don’t live in the sunniest country and the cold weather just don’t help anyone’s lips stay hydrated. Even when I do have a good day and drink loads of water, I still sometimes suffer with dry lips, and NO ONE likes dry lips! I literally apply lip moistures all the time. It’s just not your face that needs to stay hydrated you’re the lips have to as well. 


    Hope my tips have helped and that you enjoyed reading my blog.

    Thank you for passing by. This is my honest view on Environ products.


    Lots of Love



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