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    Hi guys,

    Thank you so much for coming back to my YouTube channel.

    So in our latest vlog, you can follow us as we’re driving around London to find locations to do content creation. The things you do for the gram, uh!

    It was a really hot day so we were literally melting haha!

    We hope you enjoy watching it. Don’t forget to hit ‘like’ and comment to let me know what you would love to see on my channel. Enjoy! Ayshen x


    Outfit 1



    Trainers:… (These are not the same pair but it’s the closest that I could find)

    Outfit 2 T-shirt:…

    Shorts:… (not the same pair but it’s the closest I could find) Outfit 3 T-shirt:…




    T-shirt:… (he brought the pack with three different colours)


    Jeans:… (These are not the exact pair but there are a few similar ones on the list)

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    Essex-based Lifestyle Blogger and Creative Director for Webbe Industries. Before officially launching her blog Ayshen Official, Ayshen’s life has gone on one hell of a journey from being part of girl group Fe-nix, launching her own fashion collection, Amosh, and training to become a professional Make-up Artist. This channel explores all-things ‘Ayshen’ from her love for Fashion, Style, Fitness, and Travelling, through to the most important things to her like home-life with her husband, Simon, and her close relationships with her Turkish family. Her upbringing had its challenges but you can tackle any hurdle with a fun and loving family around you, and that’s what Ayshen had. Growing up was full of creativity, so it was only natural for her to fall in love with Music and Fashion at a young age. Fast forward to today and key pieces from Ayshen’s enviable wardrobe have graced the pages of Hello Magazine, OK! Magazine and Daily Mail – to name just a few! Subscribe, subscribe!

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