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  • I’m engaged!!!


    I’m beyond excited to share this with you all. I had my doubts to post such a personal video at first, but the truth is, I now can’t think of a reason not to. I had the main video edited so it’s a lot shorter, I‘m sharing the perfect length of our amazing night where we celebrated our engagement. They say somethings should be kept private and I agree, some things definitely should, however, I know what I have with Simon. I have an amazing balance with my Fiancé, I love that we are private, but at the same time everyone knows we are together. It was such a special night; one I’ll never forget and to have some of the night captured means we will have lasting memories of the night.  

    To be honest, I never thought this would happen to me, but it did. I’ve had my fair share of heart breaks and even tragedies in my past relationships. As I got older, I thought I would just end up settling, because I loved the idea of being married and having kids. I started to lose weight, a lot of weight. I was in my thirties but looked like a teenager. My confidence was knocked and it made it harder to put myself out there. I won’t go into too much detail with this now, as I feel it’s an important subject and one that needs more time and attention, so it will be in a future blog, however, I don’t want you all thinking happiness just found me, I found happiness, by believing that I was worth more and wanted to find someone that believed the same.  

    Drinks in Miami

    Our amazing holiday in Jamaica in 2017

    Ok, so let me rewind back a tad.

    Simon proposed to me on 1st  Feb 2017 on the last night whilst away in Jamaica, it was the most incredible moment of my life. Looking back I still don’t know how he managed to pull all this off with me glued to his side every minute of the day haha!

    He booked the most beautiful pier on the beach and selected three lovely courses. The dessert plate was so special, he had selected all the cakes I liked from all the different restaurants we booked in the hotel. The scene was just picture perfect. We had our own waiter serving food and pouring our drinks, but I just remember feeling so anxious and nervous the whole time. I just kept thinking there’s no way Si will propose now it’s too perfect…Then out came a fourth plate…but I remembered him saying it was a three course meal…I literally couldn’t breath when I saw the fourth plate come towards me. The waiter placed it in front of me and there written in chocolate, the words  ‘will you marry me’I felt like I was in the most romantic film ever it was a fairytale moment, one I’ll never forget. 

    The next minute I know Simon’s down on one knee it was just magical… so apparently my answer was ‘I feel sick’ (that’s because I genuinely did feel sick haha) but of course, I said ‘yes’ and jumped out my seat to hold him as tight as I  could. 

    The moment…


    In shock

    Simon also arranged with the hotel to have pictures taken of our special moment and have the whole thing recorded. Thank god he did, it all was a blur at the time, but now I can look back at the pictures and proposal video and have this special moment as a memory for life.

    I was shaking for a good few hours after, I just couldn’t believe what had just happened, it was all so surreal. It was the best night of my life, I just felt so overwhelmed. 

    Simon gave The Sun newspaper an exclusive on the story when we got back to the UK and secretly arranged for the video to be realised on Valentine’s day. We didn’t announce it straight away, we decided to enjoy the moment between us. 

    The Sun

    If you haven’t seen the proposal video then here’s the link below.

    Watch the incredible moment Blue star Simon Webbe pops the question to girlfriend Ayshen Kemal with a soppy love song 

    Nothing without you 

    On top of all this… yes there’s more lol. Simon wrote a song for me called ‘Nothing without you’ it was his first single released off his album SMILE which he played over the proposal video. This song was a personal song for us and was never meant to be on the album, let alone for it to be released as the first single. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. 

    Simon’s album SMILE out now please support my talented Fiance.

    Our Engagement Party

    Its a traditional thing in the Turkish culture to throw a party and I really wanted to celebrate the moment with our close family and friends, so what better excuse to have a mini wedding! LOL. I even wore a beautiful white Jovani dress. We tried to mix our cultures together with the food and had Turkish music and a belly dancer for entertainment. Although I must confess, I did enjoy dancing with her more than Simon LOL! 

    My amazing family

    Some of the girls

    Thank you so much for visiting my website.

    Lots of Love

    Ayshen xx

    Have you recently been proposed too? If so how did he propose? Have you posted your engagement video on social media? I’d love to hear your story xx

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