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  • Out with the old, in with the new! 


    Cleaning/decluttering/spring cleaning, I just love it!

    Cleaning is not a chore for me, but more of a necessity. My mum used to make my sister and I clean our rooms and help her around the house from a very young age, so it was naturally just part of our upbringing.  

    I particularly enjoyed cleaning out the clothes wardrobe. My sister and I would take everything out of the wardrobes, throw them all on the bed and have a good sort out of what we wanted to keep and give away to charity. We’d then sit there and refold them all back in the cupboard, neatly. This all sounds very boring for kids to do, but we enjoyed every minute of it. There’s something very therapeutic about cleaning out the clothes wardrobe for me, especially with music on. I just get in the zone. 

    I think it’s an age thing, but as I’m getting older, I only want to buy one off pieces that are of good quality and last. I’m not saying I can afford to do this all the time, however, I’d prefer to invest in one decent item on pay day each month, then a dozen cheaper quality items that will fade after a few washes.  

    I recently had my wardrobes organised by the amazing Style Sisters. I was first introduced to Gemma whilst I was modelling clothes for Danielle who owns House of Windsor boutique. She was in the store arranging rails and took pic’s of me. We got talking about her business and I booked her in straight away, it was exactly what I needed. My busy lifestyle hasn’t given me the time to spend a day sorting out clothes, so it was ideal! 

    As I mentioned before, I love everything to be neat and tidy. I did a massive clear out of our clothes wardrobe as soon as I moved in with Simon, to create space for us both, but the truth is, there was far too much to do, in one go. 

    Simon’s lifestyle has led him to have more clothes and items than a normal man should have, he has so much stuff, it’s unreal! 

    Both our spare rooms were mixed with both our things in each room. So, we basically had two cupboards each in both rooms. The girls suggested we have a room each. Simon now has all his clothes, DJ and music equipment, achievement wall, gym wear the lot all together, just makes sense. He travels and moves round so much so I really wanted him to be able to find everything he needs easier. He was over the moon when he came home and saw what we did, he is a very happy man.

    I expected the girls to just tidy my rails, sort out certain items together, colour coordinate just a good tidy up.  I didn’t expect the girls to give advice on items if I should throw out or not, sometimes you just need to hear home truths. Well they did all that plus transform my two-spare rooms, it was just what I needed.   

    All the clothes I’m giving to charity or selling on Depop

    A few hours later, I could see the transformation taking place. Whilst the girls worked hard solidly organising the clothes, item styles and colours, I bagged up the rubbish, it was nonstop but all so worth it. I couldn’t believe how much I had thrown out. I separated what I wanted to give to charity and what I wanted to sell. This has really pushed me to sell items I’ve been meaning to sell for some time now, however, it’s just having the time to do so.  I’ve made a pack with myself to put up at least 1 or 2 items a week on my Depop account so check it out ladies @Ayshenk  

    The girls were just amazing, I highly recommend booking them in for a good wardrobe/life sort out, you won’t be disappointed.   

    Contact details on Instagram @stylessisters 

    “Your surroundings can reflect your state of mind”




    Clear head to focus 

    1. It’s been said that your head becomes clearer and you can focus better when things are in the right place, in the home. Sometimes your surroundings can reflect your state of mind. Spending a little time sorting your room and cupboard space can give you the head space to think and breath.

    Save time 

    1. Who doesn’t want extra time in their lives? Just think how quickly you’ll be able to find things if you knew where they were. Feeling frustrated every time you get ready to go out is not fun just because you can’t find an item. I’m up so early every morning, that I’m too tired to search for anything. If I remember, I leave it out the night before,I find this always helps.

    Mixing the old & new 

    1. Having regular clothes clear outs means coming across something you haven’t worn in a while or something you forgot you even had. Get your money’s worth and make use by mixing the new and the old. You’ll be surprise how good it could look if you get it right.


    1. If you won’t make use of it someone else will. Give it away to someone who needs it. A charity, family member or friend. There is always someone less fortunate out there.

    Make money 

    1. If you have new items that haven’t been worn or clothes you have worn which are still in good condition. Take a few pics and post. Make some money instead of them just sitting there collecting dust. There are loads of groups on social media that allow you to sell your clothes and don’t charge you. I’m currently using Depop but a few other good sights to sell on are ebay and Marketplace on Facebook.


    Hope you enjoyed reading my blog.

    Lots of Love



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