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    And the countdown begins. I wondered how long it would take me to start feeling anxious about the wedding. I’ve been feeling so calm up until now. Everyone tells you to enjoy the journey and I have, well up until recently. It’s now three weeks away and it’s time to tick things off my to do list and make final decisions. To say it’s not becoming stressful, is an understatement.

    I blame Simon for the slow pace of the organisation of this wedding ha-ha! He is such a calm and laid-back person, that he tends to put things off. I on the other hand, am a Turkish fiery character as well as a full-time PA that likes to have control and get things done. I am also a little on the sensitive side and do over react about the smallest things. He always re-assures me that everything will be ok and not to stress, so I’ve been sailing through cool as a cucumber. However, the time is now fast approaching, and I must say i’m feeling anxious and excited at the same time.

    I now understand why brides say they feel nervous, I don’t think the word nervous really sums up how I feel right now. I’m not nervous that I’m getting married, it’s not because I have any doubt in my mind at all that I want to marry Simon; I’m anxious about the itinerary not going the way I planned. I’m questioning everything now, like how would Simon like to see my hair and makeup on the day? Will Simon like my dress? The dress question has started to enter my mind too. Is my dress good enough! Why do I care so much! I mean I like the dress and that is that. I still can’t help but worry about the style and the designer that I have gone for. Should I go sexier or more traditional? Is everyone going to enjoy themselves, have I ordered the right food, and have I got the entertainment and music right? The list goes on.

    Then there is the dreaded seating plan and guest list. I don’t think you will ever please everyone. I’m sure most of the room will be unhappy wherever we place them. I going to do the seating plan and stick to it and not show or discuss with anyone.

    I just want to enjoy the journey and the day. I guess what I’m feeling is just very normal for brides to be.

    All I have dreamed about is the moment I walk down the aisle with my Dad walking towards Simon. I’m welling up as i type this hehe. Seriously, how will I not cry? I’m so scared that if I do cry, I will ruin my makeup, there is nothing worst then running mascara down your face grrr.

    Simon and I both discussed and decided right from the very start to have a small wedding. As you can imagine with both our backgrounds, being Turkish and Caribbean are families are not small, so it has been difficult. I’m sure we have offended a lot of people, we just can’t invite every single person we both know. Also, the venue we booked won’t hold the numbers, so it’s out of our hands.

    I think the most important thing when planning a wedding is not to lose sight of why you are getting married. I am planning a wedding because I want to marry my best friend and spend the rest of my life with him, the rest is all secondary to me. It’s just a room full of stuff, it’s the forever part that’s important. Bring on forever I say! Can’t wait to say I do.

    Roll on 11th August!


    Thanks for reading my wedding blog.

    Lots of Love



    Who’s recently planned their wedding? I’d love to hear from you.

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    Photo credits: Felix @rtoffelix_blog

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