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  • Welcome to my world!!!


    Hello, merhaba,

    Thank you so much for visiting my website i’m so excited to post my first blog. There’s so much i want to share with you all, can’t wait to get started! 

    I want to get straight to it and write an honest post as to why i’ve decided to start blogging.

    As some of you may already know my background is music and fashion whilst always working in the financial world as a PA. Being involved and working in different industries has given me amazing life experiences.

    Where I am now

    The timing couldn’t be any better. I’m in a completely different place in my life i’d say the happiest i’ve ever been to be honest. I love the direction my life is heading and now feels right more than ever for a change. I’m so happy within myself and the person i’ve become all the life experiences i’ve been through (good and bad) have lead me right here and i’m forever grateful. I’m marrying my best friend Simon Webbe this year (whoop) finding this kind of special love has changed me as a person and the way i now look at love and life.

    I think i’m just excited that i’ll have my own space on the web to be able to express how i feel and just be little old me.

    Having my own personal website to post as i please on things as i live my life is refreshing. It will be nice for you guys to get to know me a little better too.

    Its taken me a long time but i’ve finally found the confidence to voice how i feel and it feels great.

    I love helping others sharing ideas and giving advice. I always get asked questions on what i’m wearing or using so i thought it made perfect sense to start blogging: it ticked all the box’s. Plus, i’m abit of a poser lol!

    Life can be crazy mental at times but i must say my focus, drive and passion is at its best yet. For the first time my head feels clear. I try not to stress about the small things like i use to. I make time for me and the things i like to do.

    Life’s far too short not to do what you love and enjoy!

    With the biggest year of my life approaching what with the wedding (yay) looking for a house and everything else this path will take me down its going to be an amazing year for sure. Blogging my journey is something i really want to do, so here i am guys!

    Everything you read will be genuine and my honest view & opinion.

    Thank you for the visit i appreciate it so much.

    Lots of Love


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    Have you had a life change direction? Are you getting married or looking for a house this year? Do you feel stressed or coping? I’d love to hear from you!

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