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    As I sit here, looking back at old photos, it’s clear that when it came to fashion and make up, I was truly useless. I’m from a generation that really didn’t have a clue and experimented with makeup and hair. When I was in secondary school, I walked around with a full-on orange face, using the complete wrong colour foundation and I used to apply it with my fingers.

    There was no social media, YouTube tutorials or Instagram videos back then (ok now I sound old) and if there was, It wasn’t something I had access to. We didn’t have GHDs to help us with our out of control, fizzy hair and I can’t believe that I used to dye my fringe blonde with Joelin bleach, supposed to be used for facial hair. There was me thinking I was a trend setter LOL!!!

    I have always worn make up, well since I became more self-aware of my skin. I used to have terrible break outs during my menstrual period and it made me feel very self-conscious. Spot cover up sticks became life and a must have. At every opportunity, my friends and I would run to the toilets and apply more concealer onto our spots and thought that would solve the problem.

    My current makeup collection is growing day by day, however, I wanted to share a few key items that I use on a daily basis.

    As well as my blogging, I work full-time in the city. I get up at 6am every day and commute to work by train and start work at 8am-5pm. It’s important that I select the right products, as it needs to last me all day, but still needs to look natural. Personally, as long as I have a good even cover, a good mascara and lipstick or lip gloss, then I’m happy.

    It’s only until recently that I have learned how to apply on makeup (yes, I know, well over due). I decided to invest into a makeup course on the weekends, It took 12 weeks and was worth every penny.

    Since I started attending more events with my fiancé, I needed a solution to cover up the tired, dark circles under my eyes. I didn’t have the tools or knowledge to make my skin look fresh. It was also hard to keep finding someone available at very last minute to apply my makeup.

    The course taught me a lot. I couldn’t believe I was missing so many essential items in my makeup kit; which I have since added to my collection. The academy has given me so many tips and advice which has now given me the knowledge and understanding of the real artistry of applying makeup. These girls are not called makeup artist for a reason, It truly is a talent.

    On the last day of the course, we were asked to bring a friend and we had an hour to create a look on hair and makeup with an outfit of our choice. We then had a photoshoot and examined on the overall look. I surprisingly enjoyed the day, considering how nervous I was. You can see the final look I created for my friend Ay in the photos below.

    Since passing the course my makeup routine has become so much more enjoyable and less stressful. I feel like I know what I’m doing and what order to apply make-up. I know what brushes to use on certain parts of the face and I’m now starting to build my own collection of makeup and brushes, yay!


    If anyone would like to learn how to apply makeup, then going to a makeup academy is a must. I really recommend learning something new, I’m so glad I did a course (thanks to my Fiancé for pushing me.) There are so many more courses I want to try; however, this is definitely a great start.

    The details to the makeup academy I attended are below. My teacher’s name is Tracey, she is so lovely and had so much patience with me.

    Essex makeup & hair Academy, 2 Weald Road, Brentwood, Brentwood

    You can shop a few of my favourite makeup items below, I have a very long list which I’ll mention over time, happy make-up shopping!

    MUA Instagram: Ayshenlifestyleblogger

    Lots of Love
    Ayshen xx


    Have you attended a makeup academy? If so how was your experience? If you are a makeup artist how was the journey to get there? I’d love to hear from you.

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